How Does Lead Generation Work To Get You New Customers in Mccutcheon Field , North Carolina

Just How Serious Are You About Getting New Business?

Who is your target audience, your avatar buyer? What makes your business unique from your competition? How many new clients each month would make a difference to your business? Do you have a marketing plan and budget? How many new customer calls are you getting a month and of those, how many convert to become clients?

We’re not afraid to ask the tough questions because we know that by us learning about you and your business, we can better consult you on how you can best reach your goals, with us or without us. If after we get to know you, we both believe we can work together and would make a good fit, that’s the only way we’ll do business with you. 

We actually furnish a lead service that can give what you want, that will supply calls to your business hands free.  We do all the heavy lifting so you can do what you know best….run your business.  Leave the marketing to us, using any and all methods of online marketing andpropel this effort into a phone number we consign to your company’s business number.  All calls are tracked and the calls are recorded so you know exactly what we’ve generated for you each month in the form of a report.

So, just as an example, let’s say we gave you 10 calls and you only closed 50% of them. If your average customer value is $3,500, that would be $17,500/monthly or $210,000 yearly in additional revenues!

We find your target customers searching to hire professionals in your industry or those that need emergency services, and collect information about their immediate needs. Our strategies of getting you leads varies from websites, PPC, video marketing, landing pages, classified ads, radio and a host of other methods and venues designed to get calls to retarget to your business with callers that have an interest in hiring someone in your industry. 

In PPC ads, you have to hope that if they click on your ad, that they will call you, and then you have to pray that they will trust and like you, usually based on your reputation. Then   you have to pray that they can afford your products or services and are interested in hiring you NOW.

Understand, merely because they click on your Ad, doesn’t mean they are going to call you, and despite those risks, you’re still going to have to pay for that click in most cases. We will show you a report that details what you are spending in PPC versus what you would pay us per call based on your real values.

Similarly, driving traffic to your website, you have to hope that it attracts the right target audience; that the colors, form, speed, location, availability, and message in your website are correct and compelling for the traffic to pick up the phone and call you. Here too, you have to hope that they find your company, that you stick out from your competition, that you have a sufficient number of positive customer testimonials to make them believe you are a leader in your industry, an authority to be trusted  and can satisfactorily fulfill their needs. Here too, it depends on your reputation, your engagement with them, their ability to pay your fees, etc.

We take the risk out of the PPC and website issues by retargeting hot leads to your telephone. How much is removing that risk worth to you?

There is no long term contract and if we work a deal with your business, the calls we get and retarget to you are exclusive to your business. Unlike other lead generation companies who give their calls to 5-10 other like-kind providers, you and you alone will receive these hot leads.

Let us consult with you, have a frank discussion about your business, your goals and what you are currently doing to market your business to get new customers, to see whether we can work together for a win-win arrangement. Again, that’s the only way we will do business with you in this manner and the only way it makes sense to do so.

We want competent qualified businesses who take pride in what they do, do it well, and care about and satisfy their customers, ultimately for a long term relationship with us. We do the heavy lifting of marketing, using our funds, time and experience, so you can focus on what you do best….your business.

We restrict the calls to your local service area so you know it’s a job you can fulfill.

So, if you can handle new business and want to make more money, to learn more based on your specific situation, email us at [email protected] or simply call us to schedule a consultation.  We need 30 minutes of your undivided attention to have a real conversation and see if we make a good match. 

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